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The United Kingdom's most comprehensive course in Spinal Surgery and associated Specialities.

This course has now concluded and we are gathering feedback. Attendees will be receiving a feedback invitation via email. Once feedback has been received, they will be sent their attendance certificate.

After the resounding success of our 2013 conference, we are delighted to once again welcome you back to Nottingham for our next major NSpine meeting.

We are delighted to announce part of NSpine will be live streamed to audiences across the globe. Click to find out more!

Dates: 23rd - 28th June 2015

Venue: Nottingham Conference Centre, UK

Theme: Craniocervical to Cervicothoracic Spine

NSpine for Patients & RelativesNSpine is the UK's most comprehensive spine review course; a unique learning environment which seeks to amalgamate the latest research and surgical practice in the treatment of the spine. Catering to all manner of professionals across the globe's healthcare industry, from doctors and nurses through to anaesthetists and vets, we gather the leading lights in spinal disciplines to advance your knowledge of best practice procedures.

NSpine takes place every two years to provide the latest knowledge for spine healthcare professionals. Growing from strength to strength at each meeting, NSpine provides ascendant medical professionals with the supplementary material they need to forge best practice in their careers. Our courses are divided into the following broad segments:

Basic Science & Physiology

Differential Diagnosis

Specific Conditions
(Trauma, Tumour, Degeneration, Inflammatory/Infection, Deformity)

Surgical Strategies


All areas are covered comprehensively with parallel sessions being held to allow delegates to tailor their learning experience to their specific needs. Boasting cadaver workshops, seminars, lunch symposiums and an exhaustive list of lectures and exhibitions by leading practitioners, NSpine endeavours to cater to each of our delegates' academic pursuit.

Parallel Spine Courses

Sessions will be running openly in parallel over the three days of the medical conference, allowing delegates to move between sessions and construct a programme that best matches their interests. Courses include:


Medical Professionals

Allied Professionals

Other Professionals

Spine Cadaver Workshops

Anaesthetists Spine Course Coders Spine Course Medicolegal Professionals Spine Course
Spine Masterclass

Pain Physicians Spine Course Extended Scope Practitioners Spine Course  
Spinal Surgeons Spine Course

  Neurophysiologists Spine Course  
Fellows Spine Course

  Nursing Professionals Spine Course  
Surgical Trainees Spine Course

  Occupational Therapists Spine Course

Veterinarians Spine Course

  Orthotists Spine Course

    Osteopaths Spine Course

    Physiotherapists Spine Course  

GSpine: The Future of Surgery Conference

What To Expect At NSpine 2015

NSpine is delivered by internationally renowned faculty, all of whom are Fellowship trained in Spinal Surgery. Courses for Medical and Allied Professionals are delivered by professionals in that field in addition to surgical faculty.

This course is ideal for those who wish to expand their knowledge of pathology affecting the Spine; alternatively for those already established in managing Spinal disorders and who may be seeking further Continuous Professional Development or Continuous Medical Education for revalidation.

NSpine for Patients and Relatives

Spine Course for Emergency Room Professionals Spine Course for Anaesthetists Spine Course for Radiologists Spine Course for Nursing Professionals Spine Course for Physiotherapists Spine Course for General Practitioners Spine Course for Operating Room Professionals Spine Course for Fellows Spinal Masterclass Spine Course for Osteopaths
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