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The United Kingdom's most comprehensive course in Spinal Surgery and associated Specialities

After the resounding success of our 2013 conference, we are delighted to once again welcome you back to Nottingham for our next major NSpine meeting (June 2015).

Registration for NSpine 2015 will be opening very shortly.

Taking place from the 22nd-28th June 2015, NSpine is the UK's most comprehensive spine review course; a unique learning environment which seeks to amalgamate the latest research and surgical practice in the treatment of the spine. Catering to all manner of professionals across the globe's healthcare industry, from doctors and nurses through to anaesthetists and vets, we gather the leading lights in spinal disciplines to advance your knowledge of best practice procedures.

We are driven by the mantra of innovative spine education and pride ourselves on supplementing traditional courses and academic curricula with the most current developments in the treatment of spine-related pathologies. We strive to provide insight not only into surgical techniques, but when, what and how surgery is truly appropriate.

Boasting cadaver workshops, seminars, lunch symposiums and an exhaustive list of lectures and exhibitions by leading practitioners, NSpine endeavours to cater to each of our delegates' academic pursuit.

Upcoming Spine Courses & Events

Throughout 2014 - 2015, NSpine will be hosting our own events, spine courses and spinal meetings, as well as partnership events with other organisation.

Please check back to see the event schedule or sign up to our newsletter to be automatically notified of announcements.

22nd - 28th June 2015


NSpine 2015

The UK's most comprehensive spine course welcoming all professions working with the spine.


NSpine Cadaveric Workshops

NSpine Masterclass

Major Trauma Conference

NSpine for Surgical Trainees

NSpine for Physiotherapists

NSpine for Legal Professionals

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Previous Spine Courses & Events

13th - 14th June 2014


Vexim Clinical & Cadaveric Course

Together with NSpine, Vexim will host a one day clinical education programme: VCF Treatment; Controlled Anatomical Restoration including a cadaver lab workshop for hands on experience with the SpineJack surgical technique.


2nd - 8th September 2013


NSpine 2013

The first NSpine conference took place in September 2013 and was a phenomenal success!

Spine Course for A&E ProfessionalsSpine Course for AnaesthetistsSpine Course for RadiologistsSpine Course for Nursing ProfessionalsSpine Course for PhysiotherapistsSpine Course for General PractitionersSpine Course for Operating Room ProfessionalsSpine Course for FellowsSpinal MasterclassSpine Course for Osteopaths
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NSpine 2015

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Vexim Cadaver Course
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